Sustainable and resilient reuse of existing buildings – Prof. Marco Morandotti

The course will focus on SDG11 “Sustainable and resilient reuse of existing buildings” and will be structured in the perspective of multi-level, multi-disciplinary, integrated approach.

Title: Sustainable and resilient reuse of existing buildings

Provider: University of Pavia, Prof. Marco Morandotti

Date: May 2024 (II semester 2023/24)

Description of the course:

The course will take advantage of the experience carried on through the winter school “Building sustainable reuse” strictly related to the same topics.

The course will focus on SDG11 “Sustainable cities and communities” and will be structured in the perspective of multi-level approach taking into consideration integrate, sustainable and resilient approach to the preservation of historical heritage.

The micro-credential program is aimed at students wishing to acquire knowledge in sustainable heritage reuse. The programme will cover the following topics:

Sustainable reuse and digital asset management

  1. Sustainable reuse and restoration: a resilience-based approach
  2. Sustainable reuse of cultural heritage: models and strategies
  3. Digital asset management of historical buildings: methods and tools
  4. Best practices & case studies

Students will also be engaged in some focus groups dealing with the main topics of the program

Learning outcomes:

  1. Awareness on sustainable approach and cultural heritage preservation
  2. Methods and tools for digital asset management of existing buildings
  3. Syntenic overview of related national and international best practices and case studies

How: in streaming on line

Credits: 2 CFU

Time period: second semester 2023/24

6th, 13th, 20th, 27th May (14h00 – 18h00)

Any prerequisites:Interest on sustainability of built environment.

Learning resources: Slides and scientific papers.

Type of assessment: review of focus group results, through ESSE3/KIRO platforms

Quality assurance: University of Pavia.

Outcome: Open Badge.

Integration / stackability This micro-credential course could include or be spread throughout partners of our EC2U project, as the activities of the Virtual Institute established in the WP6 framework deals with strongly related topics.