Sustainability Management – Proff. Davide Mariani, Norma Anglani

The course will focus on SDG7, SDG9, SDG12, SDG13.

Title: Sustainability Management

Provider: University of Pavia, Prof. Davide Mariani

Date: Friday mornings (11h00-13h00), Second Semester A.A. 2032/2024


Topic 1 (4 hours) “Environmental Sustainability – Context and Regulations”

Topic 2 (4 hours) “Sustainability Reports”

Topic 3 (4 hours) “Measuring the environmental sustainability of an organization”

Topic 4 (4 hours) “Measuring the environmental sustainability of a product”

Topic 5 (5 hours) “Case studies and real applications”

Topic 6 (2 hours) “Today’s market and greenwashing”

Description of the course:

This program aims at the acquisition of concepts related with regulations, certifications, practices and tools that can be applied in the field of “Sustainability”, according to SDGs 9/12/13/7 of the 2030 UN Agenda, with a particular reference to goal 13 “Climate Change”.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Skills to proficiently approach the GHG Inventory (greenhouse gases) of an organization
  2. Basic skills for the LCA approach (life cycle analysis) to the Carbon footprint with emphasis on the “product development” will be provided to conceive, design, and realize more “sustainable” products.
  3. A focused knowledge on how to implement energy management systems in a sustainable way.
  4. Case studies, practical applications and market analysis will provide additional knowledge and skills on how to set up a study according to the specific matter of the course.

How: in streaming on line

Credits: 3 (24 hours)

Time period: Second Semester A.A. 2023/2024

Any prerequisitesInterest on the topics.

Learning resources: Slides and scientific papers.

Type of assessment: Multiple-choice questionnaire

Quality assurance: University of Pavia.

Dates of the assessment: to be defined.