Master in Agri-Food Sustainability

The new Master’s Programme to train the experts in food system of tomorrow

The Master’s Degree Programme in “Agri-food sustainability” (Class LM-69) provides a solid preparation in the field of agricultural sciences and technologies. Through a multidisciplinary syllabus aimed at achieving high food production (but at the same time being attentive to the environment, producers and consumers), students will be taught in accordance with the sustainable vision of “one health”.

After completing the Master’s programme, graduates will be able to plan and manage agricultural production, with a particular focus on improving the quality of supply chains. Graduates will have acquired a broad agro-ecological vision, including in the marketplace, developing and managing the innovation of companies and agricultural supply chains. At the same time, graduates will also be attentive to post-production processes and to the impact that agro-food products can have on human health.

Nine departments contribute to the Master Programme: Earth and Environmental Sciences (the Managing Department); Biology and Biotechnology; Civil Engineering and Architecture; Public Health Experimental and Forensic Medicine; Pharmaceutical Sciences; Chemistry; Physics; Law; and Economics and Business Sciences.

The first curriculum is oriented towards agricultural production systems based on agro-ecology and, more generally, on sustainable agriculture. The second curriculum pays particular attention to post-production (in view of high organoleptic and nutritional quality), distribution, and the food industry, in order to better guide farms and their activities towards new production and markets.

The Master’s Degree Programme aims to train food experts who can plan and manage agricultural production under different contexts (e.g. technical, social, economic, institutional).

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