Biological Invasions as a consequence of globalisation: management challenges – Proff. Agnese Marchini

The course will focus on SDG14 and SDG15.

Title: Biological Invasions as a consequence of globalisation: management challenges

Provider: University of Pavia, Prof. Agnese Marchini

Date: 19th-21st December 2023.


19 December 2023, from 9am to 1pm
20 December 2023, from 4pm to 6pm
21 December 2023, from 4pm to 6pm

Definitions: non-indigenous species, cryptogenic species; pseudo-indigenous species; neocosmopolitan species.

Vectors of introduction, following the CBD – Convention on Biological Diversity – classification.

Environmental impacts and socio-economic impacts.

The challenge of managing invasive alien species.

Special focus will be given on aquatic species.

Zoom link for the lectures, available here. Materials, slides, and video-recordings are available at the Kiro course page, here.

Description of the course:

Member States of the United Nations have recognized the critical role of biological diversity in maintaining ecosystems providing essential services for sustainable development and human well-being, acknowledging that the severity of global biodiversity loss has been having detrimental impacts on food security, nutrition, access to water, health of the rural poor and people worldwide. Introduction of alien invasive species represents one of the major causes for biodiversity loss in terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments, but still remains a largely unmanaged problem.
The first part of the course will address the causes and effects of biological invasions, with a focus on the role of globalisation and the continuous transfers of people and goods across the planet. Subsequently, an overview of policies and management actions undertaken to limit biological invasions will be presented, along with a critical appraisal on their limitation and challenges of scientific, technical, social and political nature.

Learning outcomes:

1. Understanding of the links between human activities and introduction of alien species
2. Basic knowledge of ecological and socio-economic impacts of alien species
3. Awareness on the need of improving management measures to preserve native biodiversity

How: in streaming on line

Credits: 1 CFU (8 hours)

Time period: First semester, December 2023

Any prerequisites: The course will be open to students of different disciplines. Familiarity with ecological and biological terminology (e.g. concepts of species, biodiversity, ecosystem) will facilitate understanding.

Learning resources: Slides and specific websites.

Type of assessment: Multiple-choice questionnaire.

Quality assurance: University of Pavia.