Advances in Sustainable Bio- and Nano- Materials and Techonologies

Events – 27 June – 1 July – Villa del Grumello, Como Lake

Home: The 2030 agenda sustainable development goals (SDG) focus on preserving and improving the health of our planet and all its peoples. In particular, sustainable economy and society strives for the smart integration of any new technological innovations into everyday life, including buildings, cars, offices, cities. Optoelectronics, bioengineering and additive manufacturing are key players to sustain this challenge, capitalizing on the development of new generation low-cost materials, integrated devices as well as on the immense potential of the application of related new physical phenomena into breakthrough technologies. Specifically, we seek to put together a transversal program discussing current challenges in developing, validating, and implementing innovative solutions in areas such as energy supply, air and water pollution, biology and bio-engineering, and application of additive manufacturing, with a special focus on research -to market innovation. Frontiers research approaches will be discussed by experts in the field with the ultimate goal to provide to the students a comprehensive set of cross-disciplines knowledge and tools to stimulate their curiosity, engage them into the sustainability challenges, offering a wide vision which is now utmost to address future scientific and technological challenges.

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  • The current sustainability challenges: global perspectives
  • Revolutionary approaches for Science to Market Innovation: the case of Energy
  • Integrating and Exporting Science to Innovation: the case of the European Innovation Council
  • Breakthrough Technologies for water and energy saving.
  • Deeper look into the Earth surface: lessons learned for a sustainable future.
  • New bio-technology for a sustainable life
  • Additive Manufacturing and Theory behind: new smart methods to push sustainable solutions
  • From Science to Business Model: Start-up and Innovation
  • Appendix: How to write a successful European Project: tips from the Experts

Invited Speakers
Giovanni Brianza – EDISON Next
Marco Carvelli – EDISON Next
Jaime Nack – Founder and President of Three Squares Inc (USA)
Francesco Matteucci – EIC Program Manager
Angelo Fienga – CISCO, EMEAR
Christopher Ireland, – DePoly (Switzerland)
Marie Violay – EPFL
Francesco Pasqualini – UNIPV
Maria Rosa Antognazza – IIT
Ferdinando Auricchio – UNIPV
Giulia Mancini – UNIPV
Alessandro Reali – UNIPV
Stefano Denicolai – UNIPV

Giulia Grancini – UNIPV
Matteo Alvaro – UNIPV