Third mission

In addition to training and research, the University of Pavia pursues a third mission to promote the enhancement of knowledge and its impact on the economic, social and cultural development of society.

The areas of activity in which the University operates are described below.

Technology transfer

Through the competent offices, the University makes its applied research heritage and the skills of its researchers available to companies with the aim of enhancing the relationship between the world of research and that of industry, by transferring the technologies developed inside the University and the realization of joint projects.

Public engagement

Public engagement refers to all those non-profit activities with educational, cultural and developmental value of the society that the Departments organize.

Academic engagement

Collaborations between academics and non-academic organizations that have as their object knowledge, or between “science-directed commercialization” and “user-directed commercialization”.

Postgraduate education

The Masters, the Specialization Courses and the Professional Refresher Courses allow to acquire a professionalising training that can be spent on the labor market, the scientific and professional updating as well as the professional requalification of those who are already included in a career path.